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You may only need it once in your life.  Will you have it?
You have given this subject a lot of thought and decided to act, so where do you start?
  We all want to live in a world where a violent crime is non existent, but with so many local cities laying off police officers we wont see that any time soon.  It has gotten to the point where you can't turn on the news without hearing about another horrible, senseless crime.  But what you rarely see on the news is when an average law-abiding citizen uses a firearm to prevent such a crime, even if a shot is never fired.  In 2004 the State of Ohio finally recognized that it needed to enact legislation that would allow it's residents to apply for and receive concealed weapon/handgun permits.  Ohio waited to see the results of other states that had enacted concealed carry permits and found that it does work!

     The first step is not running out to the store and buying a hand gun, it is getting the knowledge that will enable you to own and carry a handgun safely.  You need to get this training from a professional who has years of experience in teaching firearm skills.  Someone who can educate you in the differences between the many styles of handguns and help you find what may work best for you.  Whether you have a hand gun or not the first step is to get some professional training.  You need a class that will teach you not only the basics of a handgun, but the laws and responsibilities of owning and carrying a hand gun safely.

     That's what we do here at Ohio Family C.C.W. Training.  We show you how to safely use and shoot a handgun and ways to safely store it in your home. We inform you of the laws and responsibilities of owning and carrying a handgun and give you a copy of them.  We show you some of the many ways to carry concealed as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.  We take you to a private shooting range where you can try a variety of revolvers and semi-automatics, so you can get an idea of what will work best for you.  Then you can build your skills with personal attention from qualified instructors.  Afterwards you are given all the information you need to get your concealed carry permit for the State of Ohio. 

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